lec notes 9-5-06 - History 124A lecture notes 9/5/06...

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History 124A lecture notes 9/5/06 Economic successes and contradictions Keep in mind the main argument and take away subjects are of each lecture + book 1) Bellamey and “looking backward” a) His movement had the strongest and longest lasting influence on the US out of the social movements of his time b) His view point on society was party shared with the dems of the day-that even though some ppl would have a lower standard of living they would all get along more happily because there wouldn’t be starvation or crimes. 2) Farm revolution a) Farming-during the gilded age that meant owning a farm. Expansion of agricultural production was more of a wonder than growth of the factories. i) Success of farming supported the need for farm products, made feasible and need for railroads; with out the farming greatness we wouldn’t have had such a deep industrial revolution. ii) To be a successful farmer he needed to hire hands not just his family. Needed easy credit and lots of initial money to compete as a farmer. iii) Politics
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lec notes 9-5-06 - History 124A lecture notes 9/5/06...

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