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Lecture notes 9/19/06 CLASS STRUGGLES-JIM CROW LAWS Oct 15-paper topic is due, look at sylbus 1) Jim crow laws- formal legislation implementing segregation 2) Jim crow a) Term dates back from a show in which a character was so stupid that others needed to take care of him b) Any black person disagreeing with segregation was a danger, majority of blacks supported segregation 3) Review of what we’ve covered a) Economy i) Growth in wages, decrease in prices, more opportunities for people ii) From a distance it seems that economics was doing very well iii) From the ppl living through it though it was (1) Higher poverty (2) Why did so many ppl feel insecure and scared (3) More violent crimes iv) Compromises (1) Farmers secured legislation that protected them from the market (a) Majority found it harder and harder to make ends meet, end 1890s they become dependent on gov subsidies, 1900- most left the farm (2) Unionists, established stable unions that made it possible to negotiate wages (a) Got greater respectability, underscored how race came to play a part in who got what job (3) Middle class reformers, individual self improvement were the bottom line, to develop their skills. Secured legislation that limited corporations from controlling the market or having monopoly power (a) Public discussion came to be more important than legislation (b) Jim crow-was seen as important part of a reform program, eliminating a source of weakness in society, references to modern scientific findings w/respect to race (4) There came to be boundaries of property rights, laiz faire was being stepped back from at the beginning of 1890s. Agreement bt business, gov, and civil society to subordinate private property to other ideas. (5) Remained important for ppl to be able to attain private property 4) Back to Jim Crow a) Restricting blacks was a part of a strategy of shifting the burden on to those who were inferior b) 1912- NY study, black employment, over past 30 yrs, blacks had been pushed out of 115 of 130 jobs, they were pushed out by whites in jobs that had traditionally been ‘black’ jobs i) i.e. there were union campaigns to replace blacks in service industries with whomever so long as they were white
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lec notes 9-19-06 - Lecture notes 9/19/06 CLASS...

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