lec notes 9-12-06 - Lecture notes 9/12/06 SOCIO-ECONOMIC...

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Lecture notes 9/12/06 History journal entry, editor is Albert from PAD clios.berkeley.edu 1) Films a) Westinghouse Film made for the 1904 world fair, i) factory making turbines in Pittsburgh, 2 million sq ft factory ii) men’s role-do heavy lifting, work w/big machines iii) women’s role-rolling copper wire, on sm machines, supervisor checks iv) organized power-only big corporations could produce lrg factories v) wanted to show that US was a industrial powerhouse vi) clothes-they wore their finest to work vii)1 supervisor to every 9 workers b) streets of NY 1901-1903 i) all horse carriages + horse shit, cable car, ii) everyone wore hats including kids bc there was no shampoo, all men wore ties c) NY Jewish section i) Outside fish market, not fresh food, undercover cops, most shoppers and sellers were women, no one wearing hats-clothing was cheaper a) Unpredictability in major cities i) 1 st industrial revolution in New England in 1830s, textile mills along rivers (1) 1 st workers were women f farms (a) lived in dorms (b) was raising her dowery for marriage-so that she could later be a full time mother (c) enter work force at 14 and stopped at marriage/1 st child (d) supervisors were usually widows (e) 1860s-US women are replaced by male Irish men (i) payed 50% of what women were (ii) also utilized convict labor (2) 2 nd industrial revolution (a) steel-ability to build much larger engines (i) besamer process-converted iron into steel at a cheaper rate (b) driving force behind industrialism (i) agriculture + railroads (c) financial companies(international companies) bough up successful factories (i) 1850s-2 leading industrialists 1. George Stranton-owner of firm, worked on shop floor, developed new processes 2. would wear clothes, relationship bt employer +
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This note was uploaded on 04/01/2008 for the course HISTORY 124, 124b, taught by Professor Smith, during the Fall '06 term at Berkeley.

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lec notes 9-12-06 - Lecture notes 9/12/06 SOCIO-ECONOMIC...

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