lec notes 9-26-06 - Lecture notes The academic revolution...

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Lecture notes 9/26/06 The academic revolution- the rise of intellectuals and experts Company towns o Town of Pullman South of Chicago, created by a business man who described himself as a “Christian socialist”, this was his utopian vision The company needed people in all fields of trade bc of the nature of the tullman business. Didn’t allow for separate churches in the town, all religions has to share 1 church. o Pullman Strike(1894) In depression of the 1880s, cut wages by 1/3 but kept the rent of the houses the same price, they complained, he fired them and evicted them, they went on strike, he then fired every worker, the strike became very violent, strikes around the country started in support of the Pullman Strike, gov. Illinois requested that the pres didn’t intervine but he sent in fed troops anyways. Pres Cleavland was hurt politically bc of this and Pullman was as well for taking such a stern property rights view. The leader of the strike, Eugene Debbs went to jail for 2 yrs. Cleavland was prevented from getting anthing through congress, he almost got us into war with the british in 1895 but the brits decided that they didn’t want to go to war with the US Pullman sells off the town bc it is bad PR, one of the last and most brutal strikes of the 19 th cent. 1873-1896 even though the economy is growing, many Americans are uncomfortable, leads to labor strife, race relations, Indian removal, why is the increased wealth increasing poverty? Why is a successful small company more manipulated by the major companies and hurt by the booms and busts of the economy thus these sm business men wanted the gov to relate the economy, confusing process with mixed results 1896 election- watershed election, voters split bt the national farmers alliance who backed the dems O’Brian, for silver, felt that the fed gov should maintain the conditions of the white working man relied on mobilizing the knights of labor, put forward the idea of ppl living the American dream by being a sm farmer, he was a bigot towards immigrants were promising stability the new corporate order-ohio governor, McKinley, for gold, financed by standard oil + railroads, 200 million pamphlets to the 15 million voters, chief slogan “every man would have a full
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dinner pale”, trade unions were for him, he was for high tariff, anti inflation, immigrants were for him farmers were for McKinley bc they were selling on the
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lec notes 9-26-06 - Lecture notes The academic revolution...

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