lec notes 9-28-06 - Lecture notes 9/28/06 Early Advertising...

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Lecture notes 9/28/06 Early Advertising PAPER PROPOSAL DUE TUESDAY, email, name, what we want to do paper on, MIDTERM short answer based on reading, lecture, images shown in class-identify them, 1 essay question. TAKE HOME Oct 17 th , might hold it off a week 1) Films of early advertising a) 1897-ad would have been shown at a state or world fair, they didn’t yet have cinema b) 1920 ad and 1926 ad-ads were put in place in cinema theaters i) they had differentiated ads between local and national ads c) 1910- Edison ad, connetiscope(a thrown together area for showing films) theaters came about in mid 1910s i) a very long detailed story told, different way of trying to sell product to consumer than today. This film was 8 mins long. Ads were for upper middle class. Didn’t have slogans yet. 2) George P. Rowell a) A creator of modern advertising, born 1838 on a farm, Vermont b) Began working for advertising in 1858, c) 1865-started his own agency d) 1867-moved to NY, how did anyone know what an ad was worth? How many readers did periodical have? What was the demographic? e) 1869- American Newspaper Directory f) 1888-founded, “Printer’s Ink” a periodical, g) created a directory of papers, journals, magazines and sold the info to advertising companies, demographic information h) became the advertising agency for firms across ameica
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lec notes 9-28-06 - Lecture notes 9/28/06 Early Advertising...

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