lec notes 10-3-06 - Lecture notes Materialism 1 Buffalo...

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Lecture notes 10/3/06 Materialism 1) Buffalo Bill’s Wild West videos a) Total a minute long, were to be shown as novelties b) Annie Oakley-shooting gun c) Buffalo Dance-indians dancing d) Bucking Bronco-man riding a pissed off horse in a ring, 2) 1898 1790-1820-US transformed the territory from Pittsburgh west to California, the side of which is the size of Western Europe west of berlin, all with essentially no standing army Mexican American War-we had 6,000 men, Mex had several thousand well trained men, we annexed about half of their country. 1900-had become both biggest agricultural prodcucer + world’s largest industrial producer. Between 1900-1914- prodcution increased 400%. a) As an export country-we were primarily agriculture based, cotton, wheat. The biggest internal industry was heavy industry. The biggest export was agricultural machinery. Exports douobled between 1900-1914 but it was still only 3% of the economy. b) Even if you shut down all ouside trade, farmers would have been severely hurt but industrialists whould have barely noticed. Largest investments were in Mex, Canada and Britain, starting to come into the US. 95% of Cuba’s economy was connected to the US in 1898. but it made up only ¼ of 1% of the US economy. c) US politics focused on the Western Hemisphere and China. 5,000 missionaries in China by 1910. few converts. US gets closer relation with Korea and has many converts. 2) US forgein policy a) US needed to develop a military that would protect its economy. Presidendency of Benjamin Harrison, coalition forms, to get us to be more involved in the rest of the world. It involved Teddy Roosevelt. They knew the US wouldn’t support an increase in a standing army, 1 bc it taxed more and 2 that if we developed a large standing army then the republic would be taken over by a tyrant. b) So instead they proposed that we should increase our Navy. We had reliable
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lec notes 10-3-06 - Lecture notes Materialism 1 Buffalo...

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