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chap1 question1

Physics: Principles with Applications

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http://www.hwproblems.com/cgi-bin/book.cgi?bookid=0044&cptn=1qu1&id=62762 (a) The merit of using a particular person s foot as a standard is that it will be unique. One of the drawbacks is that the standard is variable - a person s foot is made of bone and flexible tissue, so its length will vary slightly according to position. The standard is destructible, because the foot perishes along with the person as he/she dies. Also, there is the drawback that the standard cannot be reproduced.
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Unformatted text preview: (b) The merit of using any person ’ s foot as a standard is that it is easily accessed by all. The main drawback is that it is variable since no two persons have the same length of foot. The standard is not reproducible too because feet are part of each person ’ s anatomy. http://www.hwproblems.com/cgi-bin/book.cgi?bookid=0044&cptn=1qu1&id=62762 [1/31/2008 11:26:33 AM]...
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