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Lec notes 10-12-06 Tuesday 10-24 midterm handed out, due Oct 26 Short ID questions Medium size questions 1 essay question WOMEN’S SUFFRAGE & RIGHTS 1) National American women’s association 1890 a) Was the outcome of the merger of the 2 largest women’s associations b) Focused on women’s civic and political rights c) Most of the younger leaders were college educated i) Viewed that there were natural difference bt men and women which extended out of secual function. Reason for their equality was bc of their reproductive functions would lead to society becoming a gentler place d) 4 argueing points (1) Women needed to vote in order to pass laws against rapists, labor safety laws, and age minimums for sex (2) The women’s vote would speed up reform, prohibition, factory reform (3) Protestant women would counteract the ignorant immigrant vote, catholic women were less likely to vote and thus it would increase the protestant vote in the country. ii) The new woman-men ran the danger of being emaculated and ran the risk of being chased out of government leadership. It lead to advertising saying that women needed to stay in the home. The advertising companies reinforced the 2 steriotypes of women bt running around with make up and a women being weak and meek. iii) Dangers of women’s rights was the increase in divorce rate, which had tripled, by 1900 only 1/12 of marriages ended in divorce iv) 1896 McKinley- republican party argued for universal suffrage. Since the republicans were the clear majority they didn’t need to satisfy the profeminist vote anymore. Also they had gotten many catholic votes, thus they said it should be decided state by state. the same had happened with the black vote. v) The anti-suffrage movement were lead by the church and saloon owners, and
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Lec notes 10-12-06 - Lec notes 10-12-06 Tuesday 10-24...

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