lec notes 10-6-06 - Lecture notes Oct 24 midterm handed...

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Lecture notes Oct 24 midterm handed out-due oct 26 1) Spanish American war a) Reinforced racist ideas, and the diff bt the US and the rest of the world, also that races needed to be separated within the country b) Roosevelt- pulled back in military force, after phillipines forces were reduced i) Wasn’t afraid to use military power, substituted dollar diplomacy for military force, especially in latin America but also in asia. Dollar diplomats tended to be college graduates. This depended on the academic revolution, the rise of intellectuals. c) Rise of the university i) They tended to provide a way of problem solving through a philosophical approach not necessarily an immediate approach. ii) 2 roles for gender identity (1) US was a society suspicious of the military, sports became a way of developing manly leadership, by being a football player you could show your leadership and courage, kinda like being an officer. PENIS (a) Football- originally a sport for the wealthy, but by 1900 it was a widely played sport. (2) Place where middle class women could develop there interests. 1890s-1/2 of college students were women. Created a new middle class identity, wasn’t expected that women would develop their own career but that they would be philanthropists. (a) Has an effect on social movements, NAACP-being the product of college educated middle class blacks-they applied their new approach to the world that they learned in college and applied it to race relations. iii) Early function of universities- (1) Originally a place for priests to study (2) By early 1800s the area of study widened to latin, Hebrew. Graduated at 18, would typically become ministers or lawyers (3) U of NC, first state university, 1889-started to prepare students for church. (4) US universities (a) Needed to transform bc technical schools were popping up and stealing students, the advantage was that the elites would go to the prestigious schools to meet other elites. (b) 1862-moral act declared, set general guidelines for colleges
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lec notes 10-6-06 - Lecture notes Oct 24 midterm handed...

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