lec notes 10-10-06 - 10/10/06 Notes (the day Benjamin...

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10/10/06 Notes (the day Benjamin Gammon missed) 1876-process of disempowerment; 1880s-process of disenfranchisement; 1890s-people were getting attacked for owning property. Booker T. Washington advocated social peace for African-Americans and said they should not fight too much with their subordinates. He did not think that democracy was necessarily the most important aspect of American life. He wanted to preserve security and peace. Film from Zora Neale Hurston’s Fieldwork: She worked hard, slept in her car, suffered from lack of sanitation and poor food. She went around detailing the lives of other African-American people and how their evolution from slavery. She maintained strong in detailing the lives of African women. She is famous for writing “Their Eyes Were Watching God.” She loved teaching children about their heritage and teaching them the importance of writing. She was not a religious person. She is a cultural icon for Black women. Black and white southerners were starting to move not only to the north, but to the west as well. For every 1 black southerner that moved west, 3 white southerners moved. They wanted to seek new economic prosperity that was absent in the south. There was a lynching in Springfield, Illinois of a black man who was
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lec notes 10-10-06 - 10/10/06 Notes (the day Benjamin...

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