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Lec notes 10-17-06 1) History.berkeley.edu/faculty/smith/hist124a 2) Patriarch cal marriage vs. companion marriage a) The 2 above terms were not used at the time, in real life there was a continuum in the transition between the 2 types of family models. b) Marriage was to accomplish something different in the patriarch model, it was an economic relationship. The woman was to be employed by him to do his laundry, cook his food and free sex. The man was to provide for his wife. c) 1860-1/10 women in London was a sex worker. d) It was believed that men couldn’t control themselves that if he was to left alone with a woman at best there would be date rape. Thus they needed a bunch of hoes. 3) Video-“the toll of he sea” a) Chinese woman and white man having an interracial affair. b) 1927, very popular movie, first color movie, c) assumes that any man driven by his hormones, would force himself on any woman he could and if he didn’t there was something quire about him, he in fact needed to try to bed her d) a good woman must fight him off, if she didn’t she would be a slut 4) there were 2 fears i) woman sexuality was free floating and was dangerous if not attached to one man, she was in need of someone to take care of her ii) male sexual focus wasn’t focused on the female body and could land anywhere 5) sex and marriage a) as rates of marriage increasing, laws are trying to control sexuality b) middle class reformers define attached female desire and man/man love as a
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Lec notes 10-17-06 - Lec notes 10-17-06 1)

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