Lec notes 10-19-06 - Lec notes 10-19-06 1) Sexual...

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Lec notes 10-19-06 1) Sexual relationships a) Kenzie report, late 40s to early 50s i) gays (1) 34% of US men had had gay sex and 12% of men (2) 10% of men preferred gay sex and 2% of women (3) presumption is that the figures under represent gays b) rape i) legal (1) did the woman indicate that she didn’t want sex (2) her past sex history was important, if she was a slut then she pretty much gave up the right to deny sex (3) rape lawsuits-typically revolved around a difference in social classes or races, 1/3 of ppl put to death 1900-1960 was bc of rape-most of them were black males in the south. c) 1910s i) research form this period was based on two non scientific journals, d) birth control/family planning i) 1873-illegal to promote or write about contraceptives sent through the US mail, mail is how they got around the first amendment ii) was illegal to mention in public the words condom or contraceptive in most states iii) accepted methods (1) abstinence or withdrawl (2) were not to be discussed iv) Margret Sanger-promoted birth control, worked as a nurse in NY, (1) She visited women who were afraid of having kids, (2) She distributed european contraceptive martial, (3) Middle class reformers wanted to limit the growth of the lower classes to uphold the anglo race (4) “family limitation” pamphlet published by Sanger, argued that families were happy if they had a regular sex life. Therefore the fear of having kids
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Lec notes 10-19-06 - Lec notes 10-19-06 1) Sexual...

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