124 outline - 1 Intro a Title California Societal Affairs...

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1) Intro a) Title- California Societal Affairs during the Great Depression i) Why cal fared so well ii) Politics prior to depression iii) 1934 election iv) 1936 border patrol v) labor camps in the valley vi) 1938 election vii)second anti-migrant movement viii) connections with US and world history ix) connections with current US border issues x) NEED LA TIMES ISSUE ON “KERN’S BATTLE” xi) Economic individualism xii)Protestant view of self reliance xiii) “The Depression created the climate of fear and conflict that nourished California’s mistreatment of its newest settlers.” (p 78) American Exodus. b) There is an inevitable way in which society deals with lower socio-economic classes in times of crisis with emphasis on white migration into California during the Great Depression 2) point 1-why cal fared better than other states a) agriculture valued at $1 billion diversified over 200 crops i) emphasis on cotton in San Joaquin Valley, 600,000 acres by 1931 ii) oranges seen as healthy, very profitable crop b) canning i) California agriculture linked world wide though canning c) fishing i) between 1914-1929 300 million pounds of sardines ii) leading state in tuna fishing d) cal banking developed alongside agriculture, loaned locally relieving dependence on wall street banking. e) Irrigation led to industry in Southern California i) Aerospace industry (1) 1919 Lockheed founded Santa Barbara (2) 1920 Douglas Aircraft founded ii) entertainment industry (1) Universal Studios founded 1912 (a) First feature length movie grossing 450,000 in 1913 (b) Year round sun allowed for more filming iii) Heavy industry (1) Automobile and textile plants (a) Recently invested newest plants in Southern California, sense they were more technologically advanced and efficient companies chose to close them last f) Advertising for wealthy whites i) Regional boosters advertised Los Angeles as a white utopia for middle class whites.
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ii) Became dependent upon migration of rich whites to fuel the economy iii) Overlooked the required white and non white laborers but also attracted the b 3) Point 2- politics prior to migration a) race i) Hostility towards outsiders during times of stress and uncertainty ii) 1870s depression-chinese exclusion act, rallying point for conservatives, set foundation of how to deal with outsiders iii) opposition to japanese immigration after turn of century iv) later campaigns against Filipinos and mexicans b) hobos i) depresson of 1870 and 1890 brought many hobos and tramps to the sunny weather of southern California ii) prior to WWI there is also some concern about Industrial Workers of the World and hobo problem reemerges
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124 outline - 1 Intro a Title California Societal Affairs...

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