bellamy essay - Hist 124 Family work and organization...

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Unformatted text preview: Hist 124 9/7/06 Family, work and organization identity 1) Populist party and it’s contradictory a) Political- the populist party had to appeal to city ppl by saying they wanted to limit immigration b) Cultural- old stock Americans wanted to protect the US from forgein threats c) Economic- there was no shortage of migrant workers, so they felt that it would be easy to replace the forgein workers d) Forcible separation of ppl- was kept in force by paranoid fears and kept forgeiners from attaining their full political power. e) 1876-1896 strikes-were associated with immigrants 2) strikes a) July 16, 1877 1 st national strike-Baltimore, Ohio members of Ohio railroads- protesting a 10% cut in wages, governor sent in state militia. Troops joined the picket lines. Private army got in gun fight with protestors and next day it was a national strike. The next day Baltimore was put under martial law. Y the end of the week most railroad lines were shut down in the country. Wherever workers went on strike they were joined by townspeople. i) Pittsburgh- workers join the Baltimore strike. Local militia wouldn’t shoot so the governor sent troops from other parts. 20 ppl killed and 70 wounded. As the word spread, the city was shut down and the town attacked the militia. The militia had to retreat. Stores owned by corporations were looted and burned. 3 days later 10 sq blocks were burned, 104 locomotives were destroyed, and 50 ppl killed. ii) strike spread to San Fran, Chicago>president brought troops back from the west to put down the riots. As a result the riots spread even more. In san fran the anti-corporate riot turned into anti-chinese riots....
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bellamy essay - Hist 124 Family work and organization...

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