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hist 124 major essay - A paper on California during the...

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A paper on California during the great depression is excellent. You should look at some of the economic aspects and try to explain why California overall did not suffer as much as most other states. That would explain the migrations in, and then look at the responses to the migrations from different sectors in California society. Why did the state post border guards and try to refuse entry to migrants? Who was behind that? How did the migration affect labor organizing, particularly in the agricultural industries? How did police forces respond and how did they change? Did the new populations fit in or did they stand apart, with different values and mores, from the previous settlers? How cal fared during the depression? Why was that? What were the political consequences? Narrow it down to political economy aspects. Why it became basis for defense industries. Jarold Haslam Carrie McWilliams-wrote about diff aspects of social history
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