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Part 1 Question 3 The Hundred Days The first of two waves of New Deal legislation came during the first one hundred days of Roosevelt's administration. Immediately after taking office on March 4, 1933, the president and his personal group of advisers (known as the "Brain Trust") worked closely with congressional leaders. They quickly established several agencies to curb the economic downswing by pumping federal funds into the economy. The Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA) provided funds outright to the needy, whereas the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), the Public Works Administration (PWA), and the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) put millions of unemployed to work on public projects. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) protected depositors in the event of bank failures; the National Recovery Administration (NRA) regulated prices and
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Unformatted text preview: wages and promoted fair business competition; and the Agricultural Adjustment Administration (AAA) tried to help farmers by reducing excess production and increasing farm prices. The Second New Deal A second wave of legislation, which some call the Second New Deal, was approved in 1935 and included three major acts of Congress. The Works Progress Administration (WPA) (later called the Work Projects Administration) put more than 8 million people to work building roads, dams, bridges, and other public facilities. It also sponsored artists, writers, musicians, and actors. The National Labor Relations Act (the Wagner Act) supported the right of labor to engage in collective bargaining with employers. The Social Security Act established a federal old-age pension program and a joint federal and state system to provide unemployment insurance....
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