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Dani Natalie Kelly Spencer Mary Zeesa Amanda Linsey Sarah Keri Rahcel shAren announcements watch the movie: On the Water Front themes of the book what the public reads into something is often quite different from what actually happens. The public thinks that we are going to get along with Russia after the war where as policy makers know otherwise. Social networks bt the press and diplomats is interesting. Getting a sense of a small group of elitists pulling the strings of the public. Containment: creating a defined limit in which the USSR can’t spread communism past. Policy formed by Kennan, he is the most cynical about the Russians.
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Unformatted text preview: Kennan, feels that its not just communism but that Russia historically has always tried to expand and push outward. He recalls how Russia has historically always desired a buffer bt them and the west. Lovett: he is loved in DC. Interestingly there seems to be 3 friends and then perhaps a network amongst the other 3. Does the book have a thesis? That these 6 men were very influential in forming the cold war society after WWII. Change in state power How do Americans affect change A Phillip Randolph, leading blacks for fair wages, an example of when grass roots movements make a difference....
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