1-16 - Hist 124B 1-16 Eve of WWII 1) New Deal State U.S....

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Hist 124B 1-16 Eve of WWII 1) New Deal State U.S. government-there is a hybrid form, does not have a tradition of strong central government. Long standing deference to state and local government. 1930s-an era in which the federal government dramatically expands its power a) Passing and rejection of NRA -national recovery administration. Was in power to set prices on everything. It brought together businesses to set prices in an industry. The supreme court overturned it in 35, this corporate model was successfully pursued by all 3 of the axis powers. b) Magna carta of the welfare state-social security act. It is a major feature of political life. In 34 FDR came up with some sort of wages for old ppl who were hurt by the great depression even more. FDR is a payroll tax it is the political fiction that what is taken out of one’s payroll is waiting for them when they retire. The social security number reinforces this idea in order to legitimize the new act. i) Income tax was constitutionally legal but only the very wealthy were paying it. ii) Didn’t cover domestic or agricultural workers. Was a political compromise FDR made to get it passed. c) A lot of the policies and bureaucracies dwindled out. Didn’t do much for blacks and women. Common current view is that it ushered in a broker state. i) Broker state-is an empowered referee. Was able to diminish one actor over another. In state policy making 2 new important groups were farmers and union workers. ii) 1933-3 million union workers, 1938-8 million union workers
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1-16 - Hist 124B 1-16 Eve of WWII 1) New Deal State U.S....

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