1-30 - 1-30see letters of iwo jima see flags of our fathers...

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Unformatted text preview: 1-30see letters of iwo jima see flags of our fathers office hours tomorrow:3:30-4:301)Postwar America a)The cold wari)Was a domestic event from 45-48ii) After 48 it became the first fact of american politics iii) In this class we will look at domestic politics and the promise of 48 fair deal, it is the apex of liberalism, then conservativeness takes the feet out from under it. b)The conservative turni)Every war requires a stronger state presence than Americans are used to, in the post war era we typically see a conservative resurgence.ii) The republicans took both houses just after the war under the slogan: had enough. iii) Business groups wanted to educate workers and America at large on the evil of too much state control. Employees would be on company time, go to lectures on how to keep their own financial books and how too much gov control threatened keeping a profit. (1) N.A.M.-national association of manufacturers was a strategic group to convince american voters that OPA was destructive to american business. iv) August 45-war contracts were canceled days after victory japan day. many Americans felt that if there was still men being drafted that unions should uphold the pledge of no strikes. Truman threatened to take over the steel industry by force. Labor adopts anti-status measurements. They rely more and more on collective bargaining. (1) Walter Ruther-head of union-felt that they had to solve their own problems at the bargaining table. v)Senator Robert Taft-a leader of the republican party, patrician conservatism. Considered one of the most important senators of the 20thcentury. Became senate majority leader immediately after he war. A brand of conservatism that is status quo has the wisdom of the ages behind it, so you should be very careful when you advocate change especially revolutionary change. you never know what you will get when you advocate for change (1) Part of an older lineage, he thought it was the obligation of the government to care for the poor, and only the poor. Thus he was against social security. He tried to turn it into a needs basis program, only for the poor. New Deal people are hostile to Tafts vision. He also felt a reliance poor....
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1-30 - 1-30see letters of iwo jima see flags of our fathers...

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