2-6 - 2-6go watch “on the waterfront” also watch...

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Unformatted text preview: 2-6go watch “on the waterfront” also watch “imitation of life” kitchen debate1)Cold war at homea)Cold war consensusi)It means bringing the american public along for aggressive anticommunism. For agreement with its basic tenementsii) The tenements(1) U.S. is the leader of the freeworld, that the U.S. committed itself to interests in the free world. (2) U.S. embodies and represents the free world, including individual liberty, expression, right to assembly, cultural world leader, negative liberty- meant the absence of things, norms compelling you to things, freedom from things that might be impressed upon you as a citizen. (3) That the U.S. protects and polices the free world, adds a active military component, powerful military component, a departure from U.S. tradition, protect against totalitarian enemy-congressional indifference to president during the cold war, partly bc a divided government undermines the U.S. ability to counter act quickly any actions done by the USSR.(a) Unprecedented policing power in the domestic realm. The state powers in the individual’s life had never been greater, including “informal and compulsory.”-different industries took up voluntarily setting a pro-american convential norms to be pressed by the industry. i.e. comic booksb)Internationalismi)Starts out as an agreement to an international stance. ii) UN(1) How Americans understood the UN(a) 1942-roosevelet was beginning to talk about the UN. FDR had served in Wilson’s admin. Two things that killed the league of nations-1. congress, 2. there was a lack of popular support. More important was congress. Thus early in the planning stage the FDR admin discusses things with congress for blue prints of UN. (b) As seen in the “wise men” the people from FDR’s admin are bringing together proponents from congress and executive branch....
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2-6 - 2-6go watch “on the waterfront” also watch...

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