2-8 - 2-81) Korean War 1950-53a)Politicians making policy...

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Unformatted text preview: 2-81) Korean War 1950-53a)Politicians making policy felt that any war would ruin the american economy found that they could have a war with out it disrupting the US b) It was a prestige blow to the military and the US to loose the war. c)National Security Council 68-asks how much is needed to be spent in order to win the Cold War. Didnt use data or numbers but used philosophical argument. It depicts soviet expansion is so inevitable, i.e. soviet imperial expansion. America became a reluctant defender of soviet expansion. The report states that fundig for the military needs to go from 14 billion to $50 bill.d) Historical backgroundi)Japan had been occupying Korea since 1908. In August 1945 soviets arrive there, US and USSR decided to divide it at the 38thparallel ii) South Korea-US preferred a man over a movement. The Americans couldnt be bothered to figure out local customs so they just back up Sigmond Rey, a really bad leader.iii) Americans arent thinking about Korea, they just give S Korean leader a lot of money. iv) 1950 Kimul Sun invades with soviet tanks and drives all the way down the Pennisula.v) Truman goes to the UN for political cover, bc he has a momentary tactical advantage bc the soviet UN ambassador sat out to protest that the US wasnt recognizing China. vi) It is officially known as UN police action, with 90% of troops from US. Mandated to restore the 38thparallelvii)Political leaders were careful to not want to get the Chinese involved....
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2-8 - 2-81) Korean War 1950-53a)Politicians making policy...

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