2-13 - 2-131) 1950sa)McCarthyism i)2 main groups targeted:...

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Unformatted text preview: 2-131) 1950sa)McCarthyism i)2 main groups targeted: Hollywood and academies ii) Hollywood(1) They developed a black list: contained a list of people that were once a part of the communist party. (2) Ronald Reagon-back stabbed fellow actors(3) Arthur Miller-decided he would write a play that dramatizes how gross the McCartthy investigation with out making it obvios. (a) He wrote the crucible put on in1952-based on a witch hunt, resembles the McCarthite hunt. (i) One of the main messages was a lot of the people who name names is due to personal jealously not about people being patriotic. (ii) Jealousy among the girls in the plays a major role (4) “on the waterfront”-a collaboration bt Miller and Crosont-HUAC interferes and Crosant names names and Miller breaks off his friendship. (a) Crosant depicts naming names as heroic (5) Archer Miller makes a play-that depicts that naming names is wrong (6) Community of Hollywood is rack bt those who named names and those who didn’t. iii) Academies (1) Administrators were extremely worried about loyalty issues, they controlled professors through tenure (2) Tollman was fired for not signing a loyalty form, berkeley names a building after himiv) Scientific statesmen-Robert Openhiemer-subject to accusations. He was called before a senate hearing. They confirmed he was loyal but took away his security clearance. v) Radical politics (1) Counsel on African affairs(a) Collaborated with the NAACP for a piece of civil rights to be included with the UN(b) As the McCarthyism era dawned they were less able to get prominent groups like NAACP to team up with them. (c) Counsel was still talking about imperialism-a class based problem(i) Did have a communist influence on itself(d) NAACP-focused on racism, tapped into cold war rhetoric to reinforce their arguments(i) Aligned iteslef with the cold war effort, a more main stream group....
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2-13 - 2-131) 1950sa)McCarthyism i)2 main groups targeted:...

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