2-15124B - 2-151)Feminine ideals in the...

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Unformatted text preview: 2-151)Feminine ideals in the fiftiesa)Sexualityi)Homosexuality(1) during the McCarthy era were hauled away in the thousands(2) There were many codified ways of finding someone as unfitii) Women sexual expression(1) Was compared as threatening like a nuclear force(2) Bikini-named after the bikini atoll explosion, that the outfit would be threatening and explosive(3) Kiss me deadly film ad(1955)(a) The language is very sexually provocative(b) They were legible, it was good v evil(c) The fear of femininity, a fear of being soft, the protagonist solves things by beating ppl up(d) In the movie there is a box and it is valuable-it had a nuke in it(e) Fem fetal-describes a woman who is sexually charged, she is the author of the evil in the film(f) the lyers kiss that says something else, you are good at giving such kisses (g) idea behind It: court a seductive woman and you court the bomb(4) ppl felt that women sexual expression needed to be funneled towards the husband. (5) One way it shouldnt be channeled is towards the son-momism-coined during WWII in a novel in which a communist mom gives a lot of attention to her son. He develops the theory during McCarthyism-that he practiced momism(a) Momism-mom is a human calamity, a cause of reproach, she will remain unreasonableb)Domesticityi)Seemed to be the best defense against dangerous sexuality...
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2-15124B - 2-151)Feminine ideals in the...

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