10-20-06 - 1 H.L Menchken"stirring up the animals a Review...

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10-20-06 1) H.L Menchken “stirring up the animals” a) Review i) Concerned with the whole cultural life of the nation ii) His work high lights the opposition to Victorian literature iii) Champion of modernist literature school b) How he’s remembered i) Remembered as racist, conservative, traditionalist, ii) Many contradictions to his life c) Historical context i) Golden age of newspapers (1) He is a literary critic, lived the stereotype of a newspaper author (2) Remembered for his criticism on democracy and other things, used negative humor to make a point d) Early years i) Presbetarian, loved all things Germanic ii) As a child became interested in newspapers, (1) Newspapers back then were the central voice of the people bc their views weren’t fragmented by internet, tv, radio (2) His father forbids him from being going into newspaper, works for father, iii) Newspaper career (1) Gets first job for Baltimore Herald newspaper, writes fake news about city hall bc he couldn’t get access, becomes popular (2) Influenced by Niche, Sumner, most ppl he read were anti-religious and believed in economic individualism (3) Baltimore-gets his own column, he likes to agitate people or what he called ‘stirring up the animals’-having fun,
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10-20-06 - 1 H.L Menchken"stirring up the animals a Review...

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