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outline f 1st essay

outline f 1st essay - 1 Intro a Intimate relations b...

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1) Intro a) Intimate relations b) Implicit trust c) domestic d) international e) Thesis 2) Intimate relations a) 1940 Henry Luce “the american century”- ” in which US would come out of the war as world leader. i) The US had to exercise cultural leadership ii) Permanent war and militarization of the nation allowd for the managerial revolution to enter every single area of the nation iii) 3) Implicit trust 4) Domestic a) army ranked 17 th in the world in fire power b) had been the leading economic and financial power before 1940 c) overview of how US became industrial/economic power i) effort to get agricultural goods to world market led to railroads, 2 nd industrial revolution, cheaper food worldwide to the point where other farmers couldn’t compete. Became the leading industrial power, most countries underestimated the power of US. d) Military grew from 900,000 to 1.5 million by 41, to 4 million by 42. e) military was reorganized f) After 1940 loyalty was to the nation as a whole not to the local community- represents a growth in federal power. g) For the last 66 yrs US has learned how to live with war, we have been living with continous war since WWII. Our constitution wasn’t set up to have federal government that wields as much power as it does today-but you can’t fight war with the majority of power being held with the states. h) Only 14% of troops saw action in WWII i) Vietnam was only 10% ii) Thus the enemy had to attack our support in order to take out our front line iii) Technological revolution- long range bombers, submarines, weapons that could deliver a max amount of ppl at a minimum amount of cost and less lives i) Social control of american life during war i) you couldn’t change your job with out approval ii) businesses couldn’t change prices, or change production iii) we were prepared for total war and our capactities of production were so much more than higher than enemies the lacking input was political will iv) reduced casualties was a trade off for more production j) under consumption was a problem of limiting the economy of the US, leading to over production. When the war ended there was $ 141 billion in savings more than the GDP of the US-led to a boom from end of WWII through mid 70s, with high spending, saving and taxing. High levels of growth outweighed the high taxes
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k) multinational corporations have grown and taken out local businesses then go overseas, 45 fortune 400 companes became 70% of economy, 44 they were 30% of economy-this was bc the gov knew that they could produce at a cheaper rate l) death rate of U.S. is 400,000-450,000, about 2.5% of the total troops mobilized m) 25% of U.S. soliders didn’t leave the U.S. n) Ordinary Americans would have to file income taxes for the first time, before
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outline f 1st essay - 1 Intro a Intimate relations b...

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