10-27-06 - 1) Chaning conceptions of women a) Clarke, sex...

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1) Chaning conceptions of women a) Clarke, sex in education(1873) i) Education would ruin the development of women, that women had a limited amount of energy and that if a woman went to school her health would suffer. That she didn’t have enough energy to go to college and be a woman. ii) Change biological and physical differences between genders iii) First 2 decades of 20 th cent, educated women begin to question Clarke’s dominating theory (1) This is part of the modernist view of the world, question the status quo (2) Men get involved , were receptive to rethinking theories about women bc they were rethinking theories about men, (a) Question ideals of masculinity-competing in the job market as an individual, leaves room for femininity (3) Want to test the old theory scientifically so that they can prove it wrong and put in place a more accurate theory b) U. Chicago, Columbia i) Older colleges like yale/Harvard were making it difficult for women to attend the school ii) Chicago a place where women can do scientific research iii) Columbia is an intellectual center for questioning the female gender role iv) Proving the old theory wrong (1) By the end of WWI they have almost proven the theory wrong (2) WWI intelligence testing-tested men and women with the same test c) Leta Hollingworth i) Female prof at Columbia who chips away at the older understandings of masculinity/femininity and gender roles ii) She needs to teach to support her husband while he goes to graduate school. NY won’t allow her to have a job bc she is married. She enrolls in graduate
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10-27-06 - 1) Chaning conceptions of women a) Clarke, sex...

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