10-30-06 - i Segregated by themselves into Stalinist and...

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1) Nathan Glazer a) Video i) He visits where he grew up in NY 2) Daniel Bell a) Lower east side, NY b) Mother was a dress maker, he was put in the day orphanage and also spent many nights there while his grand parents took care of his older bro c) Parents never told their kids they loved them d) Absolute trust, loyalty and commitment 3) Irving Howe a) Moved to the west Bronx(middle class) to the east Bronx(workingman area) b) Worry of putting food on the table c) Young people’s socialist movement i) As an answer to their poor problem ii) Jews joined it w/idea that their would be a revolution (1) World of ideas, experience d) Marxism i) 1917-Russian goes under ii) communists and socialists feel they have a chance e) street speakers i) ppl would wait and want to fight them ii) work the back and forth with crowd 4) city college in harlem a) nearly the equal of Harvard, radical jews b) Columbia was for protestant elites c) Alcoves d) Place where students discussed things,
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Unformatted text preview: i) Segregated by themselves into Stalinist and anti-stalinist alcoves ii) Glazer, Howe and Bell met in anti-Stalin alcove (1) 1936-Moscow trials, proof that Stalin was a dictator iii) Irving felt there was an organic connection bt Stalinism and Leninism iv) 1935-popular front, Stalin’s attempt to counter the rise of fascism v) Howe kicked Irving out of the group vi) 1937-Stalin signs non-agression act with Hitler, communists break away from Roosevelt 5) WWII a) Howe i) Read a lot while in army in Alaska, moved away from just being political, started reviewing books b) Glazer i) 45-assistant commentary for a political magazine c) the abstract expressionists i) the group of individuals that they were trying to understand d) deradicalization i) carried over the cast mind of Marxism, but found that it an unachieveable utopia ii)...
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10-30-06 - i Segregated by themselves into Stalinist and...

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