11-3-06 - Hook moral issue look for it in his pieces Felt...

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Hook- moral issue, look for it in his pieces Felt you could be a communist with out following Stalinist ideas 1) 1930s: red decade and new deal liberalism a) paul robensen-artist, commi, scientists, actors were all communists b) what accounts for the attraction of communism? i) Depression (1) Highlighted the failures of democracy (2) Dreams and faith in the system fall on their face, belief that capitalism is broken, (3) Marx’s vision (a) Capitalism will fall apart, ppl feel that this is it falling apart. (4) 1931 (a) “an appeal to progressives” a piece that says that we need to adapt communism to America, not take the russian’s form ii) Russian revolution 1917 (1) An example ppl can point to, it succeeds despite everyone’s attempts to stop it, anti-sentimentalism, they are living by their principles (2) Journalist goes to russia, “I’ve seen the future, it works” (a) Got the red carpet treatment, he got duped iii) Rise of fascism (1) Communists are seen as the only force against fascism (2) Only counter balancing force c) Popular front (1935-1939) i) Stalin’s attempt to snuff out fascism around the world before they could start ii) It’s ok for communists to form alliances with other groups to achieve this goal, with unions, supported FDR (1) this is where ppl get in trouble during the McCarthy era iii) now you don’t have to join the party but can still support it d) Spanish Civil War(1936-1939) i) Abraham Lincoln Brigade-americans that went over there to fight for the
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11-3-06 - Hook moral issue look for it in his pieces Felt...

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