CPE 100 LibraryTour 2007 Revised

CPE 100 LibraryTour 2007 Revised - Computer Engineering 100...

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Computer Engineering 100 Name: . Library Assignment (To be submitted electronically in the BlackBoard Digital Drop box for CPE 100) This assignment will familiarize you with the process of literature searching here at Cal Poly. It will also expose you to a few essential features of the Kennedy Library. Over the past several years library type resources have shifted from paper format to electronic format. This tour will expose you to searching both electronic and paper type resources. Reference lists at the end of research articles refer to older publications which may be available in the Library in a paper form. Newer publications are mostly in electronic (pdf) form on the web Start this tour by going to the Kennedy Library (Building 35 on the campus map) In the lobby, just inside the main entrance, go up to the cluster of terminals, then . . . First, type in this URL: www.lib.calpoly.edu on the Library’s home page and then click on the Services ” button. Click on “Circulation” in the shaded column on the left of the screen. When the circulation screen comes up, click on “Borrowing privileges (for Cal Poly members).” On the next screen, take a look at the section labeled “Circulation Policies” and answer these questions: Undergraduates can check out “Library Materials” for: 21 days. “Bound Periodicals” can be checked out for: 4 days. 2. First Floor, Where are Course Reserves kept?
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CPE 100 LibraryTour 2007 Revised - Computer Engineering 100...

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