Syllabus - Course: GOV 310L - American Government Semester:...

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Course: GOV 310L - American Government Semester: Fall 2007 Unique#: 39845  Room: WEL 1.316 Meeting Times: MWF 1-2pm Instructor: Stuart Tendler Office: Mezes 3.224 Office Hours: MW 10-11:30 Phone: (512) 232-7240 E-mail: Teaching Assistant: Clayton T. Holland E-mail:   Teaching Assistant: Dorothy Morgan E-mail: Course Description This course provides an introduction to American and Texas politics. The course fulfills three  hours of the university’s legislative requirement. Course Goals 1. Understand the structure of American and Texas government. 2. Understand the relationship between federal and state government. 3. Understand similarities and differences between different government structures. 4. Understand relationships between government structure and political outcomes. Course Objectives 1. Define the institutions of American and Texas government. 2. Describe the purpose of the institutions of American and Texas government. 3. Compare the institutions of American and Texas government. 4. Identify and describe salient issues in American and Texas government. 5. Identify and describe different interests competing in American and Texas politics. 6. Evaluate institutions and pertinent issues in American and Texas government. Students will achieve the broad course goals by completing the specific course objectives. For  example, by comparing the institutions of American and Texas government the course provides 
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This note was uploaded on 04/02/2008 for the course GOV 310L taught by Professor Kieth during the Fall '07 term at University of Texas at Austin.

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Syllabus - Course: GOV 310L - American Government Semester:...

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