Homework 21 - homework 21 – KANUNGO ANIL 1 Latest...

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Unformatted text preview: homework 21 – KANUNGO, ANIL 1 Latest unpenalized work: Oct 24 2007 Wednesday 04:00 (after this date you can not make a perfect score). Work cutoff: Oct 25 2007, 4:00 am. Question 1, chap 30, sect 5. part 1 of 2 10 points Consider the setup shown in the sketch. The conducting slab has a thickness b and a width a . The magnetic field is constant which points into the paper. For this part of the problem the voltmeter is disconnected from the circuit. There is a steady flow of a horizontal current I moving from left to right, or a steady flow of electrons from right to left with an average drift velocity v d . In the direction perpendicular to the drift velocity, there is a magnetic force on the electrons that must be cancelled out by an electric force. L b a I P 1 P 2 V vector B vector B y x How much electric force is produced by the magnitude of the corresponding electric field? 1. E = 3 v d B 2. E = v d / (2 B ) 3. E = I B 4. E = v 2 d B 5. E = v d B 6. E = a v d b B 7. E = v d I B 8. E = a v d B Question 2, chap 30, sect 5. part 2 of 2 10 points A voltmeter (with an internal resistance less than infinity) is connected to the system, where the contact points are on the upper and lower surfaces and are in the same vertical plane....
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Homework 21 - homework 21 – KANUNGO ANIL 1 Latest...

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