Lab 4 - Plant Transpiration

Lab 4 - Plant Transpiration - 4/2/2008 Anil Kanungo BIO...

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5/7/2009 Anil Kanungo BIO 206L Thursday 6-10pm Results and Analysis: Exercise B: Setting Up Plants and Experimental Chamber Prior to beginning the laboratory activities, plants were set up in the experimental chamber. They were carefully placed so that the pots remained in their water-collecting dishes and so that no leaves obstructed the reception of light for another plant. Exercise C: Taking Conductance Readings The classroom was divided into groups prior to beginning laboratory exercises. One group began using the AP-4 porometer to take conductance readings. Setting up the porometer involved plugging the black connector into the slot marked “HEAD” and the orange stopper was removed from the desiccant tube and inserted into the sensor head. The porometer was then powered on and used to measure conductance. Exercise D: Measurement of Leaf Conductance of Plants exposed to Different Light Levels The same group that began using the porometer took the measurements of leaf conductance for this exercise. Students placed sensor head near experimental chamber and stood behind the plexiglass window (to avoid blowing excessive CO 2 on plants). Students measured conductance of each leaf of every plant and recorded them onto a data table. Next, the extra bulbs in the
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Lab 4 - Plant Transpiration - 4/2/2008 Anil Kanungo BIO...

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