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Final Review Sheet

Final Review Sheet - LS182 Final Review Sheet 1 Readings...

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LS182 Final Review Sheet 1) Readings that have been dropped. II.C. 3. J. Feest and M. Murayama, Protecting the Innocent through Criminal Justice.” MATERIALS IV. F. J. Segal and H. Spaeth, THE SUPREME COURT AND THE ATTITUDINAL MODEL, MATERIALS 2) Major terms, concepts, ideas introduced in the course Below is a set of terms, concepts, ideas you should be familiar with. Note: You will NOT simply see one of the terms below by itself, and when the do appear in a question, they may be connected with other terms. As with the midterm, you will be expected to identify the meaning of the idea, examine its significance for the author, and show how it relates to the broader themes of the course (and other readings). Still, it is hoped that this list may be useful as you prepare for the final exam. [ LIST IS ILLUSTRATIVE, NOT EXHAUSTIVE.] Terms, concepts and ideas (In no particular order): Federal system Adversarial vs. inquisitorial systems Piercing the corporate veil Tort Crime “Traditional lawsuit” vs. “public law litigation”
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