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ISTQB-Level1 ASTQB American Software Testing Qualifications Board Level 1
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QUESTION: 46 Comparing TMMi and TPI, which is not a valid reason for choosing either TPI or TMMi? 2 credits A. If the scope of test performance improvement covers all test levels, TMMi is preferred since TPI focusses mainly on black-box testing. B. If the organization is already applying CMMI, TMMi may be preferred since it has the same structure and uses the same terminology. TMMi addresses management commitment very strongly and is therefore more suitable to support a top-down improvement process. C. TPI is much more a bottom-up model that is suitable for addressing test topics for a specific (test) project. D. TMMi can only be used with the traditional V model,whereas TPI can be used with all types of software life cycles. Answer: D QUESTION: 47 A test assessment has been carried out using the selected model as a reference framework. A number of recommendations have been identified and you are asked to prioritize them. Based on your knowledge of the project, you are expecting severe resistance to change. Which of the following would be the most important selection criterion for defining the priority of the recommendations? 2 credits C QUESTION: 48 During test process improvement it is recommended to use standards where possible. Standards originate from various sources and they cover different subjects 21
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