Summer 2006 second exam

Summer 2006 second exam - OR 22 SECOND QUIZ June 7 2006...

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OR 22 SUMMER 2006 SECOND QUIZ June 7, 2006 Name PID # (Please print) INSTRUCTIONS : 1. Before doing anything else, please PRINT your name on the line. Then PRINT your name at the top of EACH page. 2. You have 90 minutes to complete this examination. 3. The number of points for each question is indicated. A perfect paper will receive a score of 48. 4. Unless otherwise instructed, please carry all computations resulting in fractions to four (4) decimal places. Please show all work and give all answers on the quiz paper itself. Unsupported answers will receive no credit . Problem Score 1 2 3 Total Pledge: I have neither given nor received any unauthorized assistance in completing this quiz. (Signature)
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Name (16)1. Recall Julie Lamberth, the Operations Manager for the Mebane, NC, unit of the giant German glove manufacturer, Handschuh GmbH, who is trying to determine her optimal weekly production schedule. The factory in Mebane has the capability to produce men’s, women’s, and children’s gloves, all of which are made from the same type of top- grain leather. The factory has a long-term supply contract which guaranteed delivery of up to 5000 square feet of leather each week. Julie has access to full-time unionized workers who put in 40-hour weeks and are paid $18 per hour. In addition, she can hire part-time, nonunion workers, who put in 20-hour weeks and are paid $10 per hour. Handschuh’s contract with the Amalgamated Leather Workers of America (ALWA) specifies that Julie must employ at least 30 full-time employees at all times and that she must hire at least two full-time employees for each part-time, nonunion employee. The German corporate office has told Julie to produce at least 3000 pairs of gloves per week, in any mixture of men’s, women’s, and children’s. The table below gives various per/pair information
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Summer 2006 second exam - OR 22 SECOND QUIZ June 7 2006...

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