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Ex parte Crouse. [NO NUMBER IN ORIGINAL] SUPREME COURT OF PENNSYLVANIA, EASTERN DISTRICT, PHILADELPHIA 4 Whart. 9; 1839 Pa. LEXIS 171 January 5, 1839, Decided PRIOR HISTORY: HABEAS CORPUS. THIS was a habeas corpus directed to the keeper and managers of the "House of Refuge," in the county of Philadelphia, requiring them to produce before the court one Mary Ann Crouse, an infant, detained in that institution. The petition for the habeas corpus was in the name of her father. By the return to the writ it appeared, that the girl had been committed to the custody of the managers by virtue of a warrant under the hand and seal of Morton McMichael, Esq., a justice of the peace of the county of Philadelphia, which recited that complaint and due proof had been made before him by Mary Crouse, the mother of the said Mary Ann Crouse, "that the said infant by reason of vicious conduct, has rendered her control beyond the power of the said complainant, and made it manifestly requisite that from regard to the moral and future welfare of the said infant she should be placed under the guardianship of the managers of the House of Refuge;" and the said alderman certified that in his opinion the said infant was "a proper subject for the said House of Refuge." Appended to the warrant of commitment were the names and places of residence of the witnesses examined, and the substance of the testimony given by them respectively, upon which the adjudication of the magistrate was founded. The House of Refuge was established in pursuance of an Act of Assembly passed on
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Ex_parte_Crouse - Ex parte Crouse[NO NUMBER IN ORIGINAL...

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