MIDTERM TERM LIST - Draft 1 - 29 People v non-people...

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LS 161: LAW IN CHINESE SOCIETY (SPRING 2008) M IDTERM  T ERM  L IST       1. Family, Clan, Village, Guild 2. District Magistrate 3. Li 4. Fa 5. Jen (Ren) 6. Confucius 7. Mencius 8. Mandate of Heaven 9. Hsun-tzu (Xunzi) 10. Han Fei-tzu (Han Fei Zi) 11.Group responsibility system 12.Mourning System 13.Ancestor Worship 14. The Tao (Dao) 15.Censors 16.Yamen 17.Canton System 18.Commissioner Lin 19.Unequal Treaty 20.Extraterritoriality 21.Tai Ping Rebellion 22. Qing (Ch’ing) Dynasty 23. Qin (Chi’n) Dynasty 24. First Emperor of Qin (Ch’in) 25. Six Functions of Law 26.Polestar Theory 27. Five Relationships 28.Four classes
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Unformatted text preview: 29. People v. non-people 30.Rectification of names 31.Emperor 32.Ritual 33.Remonstrance 34.Man is Good v. Man is Bad 35.Well-field system 36.Shang Yang 37. Li Ssu (Li Si) 38.Burning of the Books 39.Han Dynasty 40.Confucianization of the law 41.Rule of Avoidance 42.Dynastic Code 43.Treaty Port 44. Foreign Concessions 45.Opium War 46.Most Favored Nation 47.Conservative/Moderate/Radical 48.Sovereignty 1 49.Foot Binding 50.Sun Yat Sen 51.Kang Youwei 52.Yuan Shih Kai 53.Lu Xun 54.The Empress Dowager 55.The 100 Days 56.Boxer Rebellion 2...
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MIDTERM TERM LIST - Draft 1 - 29 People v non-people...

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