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Legal Studies 160 Midterm Exam Sample Jonathan Simon © 2007 Please circle the letter which you believe is the best answer to each question (choose only one) 1. Durkheim believed that society punishes those acts that offend its [ choose the phrase that fits best] ? a) Shared moral values b) Ruling elites c) Contemporary sensibilities d) Rational principles of justice 2. Rusche and Kirchheimer’s political-economy of punishment emphasizes the
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Unformatted text preview: changing value of [ choose the phrase that fits best ] in explaining penal trends? a) Human labor b) Stock markets c) Currency d) Land 3. Which of the following is not a good example of the new penology? a) Actuarial instruments for risk prediction b) New laws against sex offenders c) Demands for the execution of murderers for purposes of victim closure d) The emphasis on dangerous groups rather than individuals...
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