Sherbert v Verner

Sherbert v Verner - appellant's religion Court finds yes...

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Sherbert v Verner Wednesday, February 20, 2008 3:29 PM   Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment required that government demonstrate a  compelling government interest before denying unemployment compensation to  someone who was fired because her job conflicted with her religion     Conscientious Objection Religious view not to work on Saturday (Sabbath)   Free Exercise Clause - Freedom of Religion "even when the action is in accord with one's religious convictions, [it] is not totally  free from legislative restrictions." The conduct or actions so regulated have invariably posed some substantial  threat to public safety, peace or order. (Reader 60)   Does the disqualification for benefits impose any burden on the free exercise of 
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Unformatted text preview: appellant's religion? Court finds yes • Declared ineligibility for benefits derives solely from the practice of her religion • Pressure to forego that practice is unmistakable • Ruling forces her to choose between following precepts of her religion and forfeiting benefits, on the one hand, and abandoning one of the precepts of her religion in order to accept work, on the other hand. Argument Does some compelling state interest enforced in the eligibility provisions of the South Carolina statute justifies the substantial infringement of appellant's First Amendment rights?...
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