A Rejoinder

A Rejoinder - "Almost no one who wrote for the Jackson...

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A Rejoinder: Two Visions of History Monday, March 10, 2008 8:09 PM Hahn: Statistical misunderstandings He now claims to have "studied this conflict in most of the twenty-six counties in the region, not in only two of them" (p. 250), but in his book he states that "two Upcountry counties have been selected for very close scrutiny: Jackson County in the east and Carroll County in the west" (Roots, 9) pp 260 "Yet Hahn pointedly ignores our detailed argument that the debaters of the 1880s rarely if ever concerned themselves with such larger issues. They were practical people who discussed the costs and availability of labor, timber, and land and the benefits to the quality of stock and fertilizer, not the encroachments of market society upon their independence" pp260 Large context versus individual interests
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Unformatted text preview: "Almost no one who wrote for the Jackson and Carroll County papers explicitly questioned the justice of a system of "absolute private property," " pp261 Hahn makes the "same sort of inference, only much less systematically. To be sure, there are interesting technical problems with ecological regression, but Hahn cannot consider them because he knows too little about statistics. In fact, he doesn't even recognize ecological regression when he sees it." pp263 Kousser: Argues that statistical analysis in general or regression can lead to correct analysis pp262 Ecological regression Regression analysis based on election returns, aggregated by townships, precincts, counties, or states to estimate how individuals with certain characteristics voted. Procedure used in the book that Hahn claims to admire...
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A Rejoinder - "Almost no one who wrote for the Jackson...

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