Final Study Sheet - GWS 10, Fall 2007 (Chen) Final Exam...

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GWS 10, Fall 2007 (Chen) Final Exam Study Sheet (Dec.5, 2007) Final Exam Study Sheet: Use in conjunction with Midterm Study Sheet to prepare for final exam. (2060 VLSB, 8-11 AM, Thursday, December 13; bring blue books!) Review Sessions : 2 review sessions will be held, one on Tuesday and one Wednesday of next week. Your GSI will announce time/place in sections on Friday. Note on terminology : By the word “ source ” we mean readings OR films offered in the class syllabus. Nearly all of the sources are articles/readings, since we did not view too many films. There will be THREE SECTIONS to the final exam: 1. WHAT YOU LEARNED (25/100 points) Please discuss two things you have learned in this course and how you have learned them. “Things you have learned” can include anything from a small ‘fact’ to theoretical concepts; from vocabulary terms to new strategies of writing and/or analysis; from political strategies to feminist aesthetics. When considering how you have learned something you can point to the readings, class assignments (journals, events, exercises), lectures, films and video clips, in-class discussions, classroom dynamics, private discussions with classmates, the serendipitous connections between current events and course content, exams, rote memorization, sudden epiphanies, or any thing else you consider to have been formative to your knowledge in this class. 2. TERMS (30/100 points) 18 of the terms either below or from the midterm list will be offered on the exam, and you will be asked to select 6 of them for your answers. For each term, give a definition and then cite (give title and author) one source in which the term was explicitly referred to. Faux Feminism Consumer Feminism Eugenic Feminism Eco Feminism Socialist Feminism Indigenous Feminism Transnational Feminism (vs. global feminism) Feminist Science Fiction Nationalism Prison Industrial Complex Military Industrial Complex Militarism / Militarization Masculinity Feminization of poverty Ideology Hegemonic masculinity Representational violence 3. Essay/short answer questions (45/100 points, 15 points each): You will be provided with 6 essay questions, selected either from the following list, or from the midterm review sheet.
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You will be asked to answer 3 of them. Unless expected length is specifically noted, you may
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Final Study Sheet - GWS 10, Fall 2007 (Chen) Final Exam...

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