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ILRCB 100 Feb 20 Speech of election 1932 Hoover: Blame the Europeans (have not repaid loans); tariffs to protect America from European products; rising prices of agricultures, no excessive federal spending or intervention; people solve their own problems. FD Roosevelt: Hoover administration is to blame. Nation is spending more than it’s earned; decrease of federal government spending. Brain trust – bold and strong experiments. Fight it like a war – demanding more power. - PWA (WPA) public works. - Growth of public infrastructure
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Unformatted text preview: -TVA – Tennessee valley authority: attempt to develop an entire region through planning; sotic tendencies-Norman Thomas: Sot – democrat. Reducing unemployment. Unfair distribution of wealth; Private people govern the economy. Solution is to have the right to form labor unions (small remedy). Creating sot democracy – day to day tangible rights, foods, jobs, housing. Capitalism doesn’t work and it hasn’t for the past 3 yrs. Time for a change...
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