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ILRCB 100 Feb 27 Culture of Unity - Mass Production: skill diminishes, gap decreases, compression - Mass consumption - Emergence of 2 nd gen. immigrants (1924) - Mass culture (radio, theatre, newspapers, chain stores) - Common fate (national crisis, in the same situation) - Breakdown of ethnic institutions - Democratic party (entry of political citizenship, party itself changed FDR) - Welfare capitalism: build hope for benefits, moral capitalism o Employer’s appeasement, loyalty (doesn’t want 1919 to happen again) o Welfare capitalism does not happen, but moral capitalism remains
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Unformatted text preview: -Radicals (CP)-Race – employers break previous bonds, work closely with CIO and Democrats-Roosevelt Coalition (New Deal) o Urban workers connected to CIO o Progressives/liberals o African Americans o White southerners ** Fragmentation of working class changes in 1930’s (the Great Depression) 1930’s-State (NIRA Wagner)-Leadership: Industrial Unionism (J.L. Lewis) -Rank & file get political on national level-Problems with Wagner Act o Enforcing the regulations – had to be won again and again o...
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