MBCE701D ASSIGNMENT 2.pdf - MBCE701D-Economics Management Decisions Assignment 2 1 At point of satiety marginal utility is— Zero Positive Negative

MBCE701D ASSIGNMENT 2.pdf - MBCE701D-Economics Management...

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MBCE701D-Economics & Management Decisions Assignment 2 1.At point of satiety, marginal utility is Zero Positive Negative Maximum 2. The value of NNP at factor cost is equal to GNP at market price minus net indirect taxes minus depreciation GNP at factor cost minus net indirect taxes GNP at factor cost minus depreciation NNP at market price minus depreciation 3. There are four phases of a business cycle. Identify the correct sequence of the occurrence of these phases Recovery, Recession,Expansion, Depression Recovery,Expansion, Depression,Recession Depression, Expansion, Recession, Recovery Recovery, expansion, recession, depression 4.Gross National Product 5.When total utility becomes maximum, then marginal utility will be 6.Which public sector banks has the largest number of branches in foreign countries? 7.Demand Schedule is shown as a result of change in state function of price alone a result of increase in the size of the family
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