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3D Geological Modeling Chapter 04 Data Import 1 Creating a New Project To start a new project, follow the steps: 1. Select New Project from the File menu. A Save warning of a previous project may appear. If no project is active, ignore the message and press No . 2. A new Display Window appears with black background color. 3. Select Save Project from the File menu. 4. When the Save Project As dialog box appears, specify the name and location of the project. Now you are ready to start the first step of building a 3D geological model, which is Data Import as explained in the next section. Main Steps to Building a New Static Model When starting a new project, Petrel organizes the input data in the Input pane. The following steps are required to build a 3D geological model of a petroleum reservoir: 1. Data Import 2. Input Data Editing 3. Well Correlation 4. Fault Modeling 5. Pillar Gridding 6. Vertical Layering 7. Geometrical Property Modeling 8. Upscaling in the Vertical Direction-Well Logs Upscaling 9. Facies Modeling 10. Petrophysical Modeling 11. Defining Fluid Contacts 12. Volume calculations
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