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Review Chapter 15 - Review Chapter 15 Short Answer 1 What...

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Review Chapter 15 Short Answer 1. What are five environmental factors that must be considered when growing plants in the greenhouse? Temp, light, air, humidity, water 2. What is the general rule of thumb when selecting temperatures? 55 to 65 F at night, 10-15 higher during day 3. When supplying supplemental light, what are three factors that must be considered? Quality, quantity (intensity), duration 4. What are two ways to maximize light intensity in greenhouses? Use coverings that allow max light transmission Routinely cleaning and maintaining 5. What are two advantages of using clay pots and one major disadvantage? Enables water to evaporate from surface Support large plants More expensive 6. What are the first and second considerations when selecting a container? After these decisions have been made, what four other factors must be taken into consideration? Size, cost Drainage, durability, color, shape 7. What are four types of containers used to grow plants in greenhouses? Rooting, bedding, green and flowering containers 8. What are four examples of rooting containers? Peat pellets, peat plugs, peat pots- all made from organic peat moss Plastic foam-inorganic
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9. What are 7 important functions of growing media? Good moisture/nutrient holding capacity Rapid water infiltration, aeration, and drainage Decompose slowly Facilitate pot filling Free of toxins Have good CEC and buffer capacity Provide good support for plant 10. List the six components commonly used in growing media and provide function of each?
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