Review Chapter 18 - Chapter 18 Review Short Answer 1, Based...

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Chapter 18 Review Short Answer 1, Based on written records, which culture first used flowers? - Egyptians 2. What type of floral designs are Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans known for? -Egyptians – large, showy arrangements, beautify homes -Greeks – scattering flower petals on special occasions and for wearing or carrying wreaths - Romans – floral garland which is a non circular wreath made of flowers andfoilage 3. Oriental flower design began in three countries. List the three countries, designating which was first, second, and third to use flowers. Then, provide their contribution to floral design. - Began in India – placed flowers on altars in religious ceremonies - then China – placed flowers in large containers - then Japan – linear asymmetrical balance, and developed the ikenobo design (each flower has specific meaning and an exact location in the flower design 4. After the fall of the Roman Empire, many countries emerged in the region now called Europe. List two of the four design types created in those countries. - Renaissance, Baroque, Flemish, Victorian 5. What design became the pattern for early American floral arrangements? What term describes the American version of this type of design? - The Victorian design– large round shaped floral arrangement, commonly used in the U.S. today - Williamsburg design (American version) 6. What are three types of permanent flowers? -
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Review Chapter 18 - Chapter 18 Review Short Answer 1, Based...

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