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Chapter 22 Short answer 1. what are the 5 important pruning goals - trim to maintain natural beauty - to obtain a desired effect - eliminate dangerous branches - enhance overall plant health - Enhance flower and fruit production 2. list the 5 important external portions of the tree and the 4 key internal portions of the tree External 1. crown or canopy 2. terminal or leader 3. scaffold branches 4. trunk 5. suckers or water sprouts Internal 1. phloem 2. cambium 3. xylem 4. pith 3. all pruning tools should be sharp to get best results 5 types os tools 1. shears 2. manual saws 3. power saws 4. pole saws 5. pruners 4. 8 genral pointers that shold be followed when pruning 1. define pruning goals and best time of year 2. never take too much 3. use sharp tools 4. start pruning with parts that pose a threat to plant 5. cut all narrow branches (within 45 degrees) 6. don’t prune too close to the trunk
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Unformatted text preview: 7. leave a small portion of the stem above the bud 8. prune branches that are growing inward 5. what is thebest time of year to prune and why? Late fall/early winter because there is little other stuff to do 6. should tree paint be used to protect wounds? Not any more 7. what is tree topping, and is it used today? Reducing the total tree height by 1/3 to ½ by removing upper scaffold branches Not used anymore 8. 2 commonly used trellises and 2 pruning methods for grapes Trellises- single-wire and double-wire Pruning methods- spur pruned or cane pruned 9. when do flowering plants initiate their flower buds? Immediately after flowering each year 10. 2 prunign methods for evergreens, and which one is more common today? Formal and informal; informal is more common...
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review_chapter_22 - 7 leave a small portion of the stem...

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