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Study Guide What is Sociology? Socius- being with other Logos- the study of The systematic study of human society and patterns of social interaction. Sociological Imagination? Written by C Wright Mills in 1959 The sociological imagination enables us to grasp history and biography and the relation between the two in society. When we use sociological imagination we are… 1. asking significant questions about society 2. how private/public troubles interrelate 3. historical understanding Sociological Imagination 1. Things are not what they seem 2. Looking beyond the surface 3. See the general in the particular 4. See the strong in the familiar Theoretical Paradigm- A basic model that guides are thinking and research Symbolic Interaction- micro level/ focuses on the use of symbols and meanings. 1. Symbol- anything that carries a particular meaning and is recognized by society Structural Functionalism- macro level/ society is made up of smaller parts that work together to promote solidarity and stability Manifest- functions in a social system that are recognized by participants Latent- hidden functions Conflict Theory- macro level 1. sees society as full of inequalities
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Study Guide exam 1 - Study Guide What is Sociology? Socius-...

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