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Study Guide 3 Social Stratification : the divisions of large numbers of people into layers according to their relative poverty, power, and prestige. 3 Systems of Stratification 1. Slavery: ownership of some people by others a. 3 factors: debt, crime, war b. agricultural societies, not necessarily inherited, powerless or poor 2. Caste: status determined by birth (lifelong) a. Ascribed status b. Practice endogamy 3. Class: based on money or material possessions a. social class can be achieved b. social mobility-movement up and down class ladder “Old” System of Global Stratification 1. First World Nations-most industrialized 2. Second World- communist 3. Third World- any nation not in top 2 “New” System of Global Stratification 1. Most Industrialized 31% of worlds land, 16% of population great wealth and income poorest live better than average least industrialized nations 2. The Industrializing Nations 20% of land, 16% population include soviet union and previously communist countries access to food, electricity, plumbing, automobiles lower income than Most I N 3. Least Industrialized 49% land, 68% pop peasant farmers less than $1000 a year
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Why is Stratification Universal? SF Perspective Society must make certain its positions are filled Some positions are more important than others The more important positions must be filled by qualified people Offer more qualified people greater rewards CT Perspective Conflict is the basis of social stratification Would see the SF perspective as the powerful maintaining their power Lenski Synthesis CT and SF put together
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Study Guide exam 3 - Study Guide 3 Social Stratification...

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